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All praises be to Allaah. May His peace and blessings be on His noble Prophet, his household, companions and whoever follows his path till the day of reckoning, amin.
After years of concerted effort, we introduce you to The Quranopedia Project. It is one of the numerous dawah initiatives from The Edawah Foundation, an NGO formed to expand the frontiers of IT awareness of Muslims and championing dawah activities in Nigeria and beyond through application of world-class IT practices.
This is the beginning of a very long journey to bring the Qur'an closer to an average Muslim. In this 1st phase of the project, our goal is to bring as many supporting resources as possible to enable Muslims understand the verses of the Qur'an beyond the superficial level. On an ayah by ayah basis, the following information facets are creatively displayed on the same page for easy comprehension.
1. Structural Similarity (Mutashaabihaat): Display of the verses that have similar word structure to the verse being currently viewed. Great resource to Quran memorizers and any inquisitive mind.
 Example:  for Q1v1 = Q1v3, Q2v163, Q27v30, Q41v2, Q59v22, Q6v1, Q18v1, Q34v1, Q35v1
2. Semantic Similarity: Display of verses that are similar in meaning (theme) to the verse currently viewed. Great resource to those who want "feel the flow" of Allaah's speech.
 Example: for Q1v1 = Q1v2, Q1v3, Q1v4, Q3v1, Q3v2, Q4v78, Q6v3, Q6v14, Q7v180, Q9v128, Q11v41, Q13v28, Q14v1, Q14v2, Q16v58, Q17v110, Q18v38, Q19v65, Q20v5 . . .
3. Tafseer (English and Arabic): This displays the tafseer of the verse currently viewed. English version is from the popular tafseer book by Ibn Katheer while the the arabic tafseer is gotten from the tafseer books of ibn Katheer, Jalalain and Qurtubi.
4. I'raab: This is one of the most important concepts in Arabic grammar. Imagine a word-by-word grammatical analysis of the Qur'an. Hello students of knowledge!
5. Sababun-Nuzuul: This displays the contexts and occasions of the revelation of the verse being currently viewed.
6. Index: A VERY elaborate and comprehensive index of the Glorious Qur'an. Each ayah is tagged and the tags are displayed when that ayah is being viewed. Example: Q1v5 => Anger, Blessing, Path of Allah.
Anger =  Q1v5-7, Q2v61, Q2v90, Q3v112, Q3v160, Q4v93, Q5v60, Q5v80 . . .
7. Qur'an Transliteration
8. Qur'an Translation: 3 prominent English translations, Hausa and Yoruba translations
Extensive research was carried out to source for data for this project. We acknowledge the following sources:
We also acknowledge all those who contributed to the success of this project. What more can we say other than JAZAAKUMULLOOHU KHAYRAN.
O Allaah, we have done this with the little at our disposal. We seek more honour from you through the execution of our remaining projects.
O Allaah, accept this as an act of worship from us, overlook our shortcomings and count us(and our parents) as part of those who would be honoured with seeing your face in jannah. 
And verily, all honour and glory belongs and originates from Allaah
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