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أَفَتُمَارُونَهُ عَلَى مَا يَرَى

Afatumaroonahu AAala ma yara

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Shin, zã ku yi masa musu a kan abin da yake gani?

Will ye then dispute with him concerning what he saw?
What! do you then dispute with him as to what he saw?
Will ye then dispute with him concerning what he seeth?

Asbabu n-Nuzuul (Occasions of Revelation)

Did the Prophet see His Lord during the Night of Isra

Allah said next,

مَا كَذَبَ الْفُؤَادُ مَا رَأَى ﴿١١﴾

أَفَتُمَارُونَهُ عَلَى مَا يَرَى ﴿١٢﴾

The heart lied not in what he saw. Will you then dispute with him about what he saw?

Muslim recorded from Ibn Abbas about, مَا كَذَبَ الْفُؤَادُ مَا رَأَى (The heart lied not in what he saw), and, وَلَقَدْ رَآهُ نَزْلَةً أُخْرَى (And indeed he saw him at a second descent).

"He saw Allah twice in his heart.''

Simak reported a similar from Ikrimah from Ibn Abbas.

Abu Salih, As-Suddi and several others said similarly that the Prophet saw Allah twice in his heart.

Masruq said,

"I went to A'ishah and asked her, `Did Muhammad see his Lord?'

She said, `You said something that caused my hair to rise!'

I said, `Behold!' and recited this Ayah, لَقَدْ رَأَى مِنْ آيَاتِ رَبِّهِ الْكُبْرَى (Indeed he saw of the greatest signs of his Lord).

She said, `Where did your mind wander? It was Jibril. Whoever says to you that Muhammad saw his Lord, or hid any part of what he was commanded (i.e., Allah's Message), or knew any of the five things which only Allah knows,

إِنَّ اللَّهَ عِنْدَهُ عِلْمُ السَّاعَةِ وَيُنَزِّلُ الْغَيْثَ وَيَعْلَمُ مَا فِي الْأَرْحَامِ

Verily, Allah, with Him is the knowledge of the Hour, He sends down the rain... (31:34),

Then he invents a great lie against Allah!

The Prophet only saw Jibril twice, in his original shape, once near Sidrat Al-Muntaha and another time in Ajyad (in Makkah) while Jibril had six hundred wings that covered the horizon.'''

Muslim recorded that Abu Dharr said,

"I asked the Messenger of Allah , `Have you seen your Lord' He said,

نُورٌ أَنَّى أَرَاه

How can I see Him since there was a light?''

In another narration, the Prophet said, رَأَيْتُ نُورًا I only saw a light.

I'raab - grammatical analysis of the Qur'an

«وَلَقَدْ» الواو حرف قسم وجر واللام واقعة في جواب القسم المحذوف وقد حرف تحقيق «رَآهُ» ماض ومفعوله والفاعل مستتر والجملة جواب القسم لا محل لها «نَزْلَةً» حال «أُخْرى » صفة نزلة.